It's time to turn your thoughts to summer at the Bay.

The 2020 summer job competition for Swimming/Aquatics, Canoe/Kayak, Field Sports, Tennis, Basketball, Arts & Crafts and Musical Theatre instructors and volunteers is now open. Please ensure that any family member(s) who may be interested in these positions is/are made aware of this notice.

To apply for all currently listed positions, please follow these steps. All steps must be completed in order to be considered for positions:

1. Read the job descriptions for all jobs for which you will be applying. Every year, there are changes to the qualifications, contact info etc., so you must review them every year.   Job descriptions can be found below.                                           

2. Please note that you will require a Google account (i.e. accounts ending in, and many school generated accounts such as those ending in,, etc) to complete the application process. If you do not have one, you can set one up in minutes here:

Complete the application form (complete this form only once, regardless of how many jobs you are applying for) and press submit.

Link to application form:

NEW THIS YEAR!! The requirement to provide a cover letter and resume will be included as a question on the application form, so you must have these documents ready to upload when you complete your application. 

3. NEW THIS YEAR!!  We will no longer be using the account for receiving cover letters, resumes, confirmation of qualifications or questions regarding the selection process. All recruitment-related correspondence should be sent to the appropriate Program Director at the following email addresses:

Swim/Aquatics Pat Lydiard

Canoe/Kayak Peter Niedre ~

Field Sports/Tennis/Basketball Amber Steeves ~

Musical Theatre/Arts and Crafts    Sarah Murray ~

The deadline to apply for all current positions is FEBRUARY 22, 2020 at 11:59 pm. The application form (which includes the cover letter and resume) needs to be received by this deadline.

If you have any questions, they may be directed to the contact person listed on each job description (and in section 3 above).

‚ÄéThank you and best of luck to all of our applicants!

NBMA Directors


Pathways ~  NBMA_AQUATICS instructorpathway.pptx.pdf

Job Descriptions:

2020 Swim Supervisor - NBMA job description.docx.pdf

2020 Swim Instructor - NBMA job description.docx.pdf

2020 Swim Assistant - NBMA job description.docx.pdf

2020 Swim Volunteer - NBMA job description.docx.pdf


Pathways ~ NBMA_C-K_instructorpathway.pptx.pdf

Job Descriptions:

2020 NBMA CanoeKayak Program Head Coach.docx.pdf

2020 NBMA_canoekayakinstructor.docx.pdf


Field Sports/Tennis/Basketball

Pathways ~  Field Sports Pathways.pdf

Tennis Pathways.pdf

Basketball Pathways.pdf  

Job Descriptions:

Lead Field Sports Instructor 2020.docx.pdf

Field Sports Instructor 2020.docx.pdf

Field Sports Volunteer 2020.docx.pdf

Lead Tennis Instructor 2020.docx.pdf

Tennis Instructor 2020.docx.pdf

Basketball Instructor 2020.docx.pdf

Musical Theatre

Pathways ~ _NBMA Musical Theatre Pathway .pdf

Job Descriptions:

NBMA Musical Theatre Director.pdf

NBMA Musical Theatre Assistant Director.pdf

NBMA Musical Theatre Volunteer.pdf

Arts & Crafts/Toddler Night/Movie Night

Pathways ~ NBMA Arts and Activities Pathway.pdf

Job Descriptions:

2020 Arts and Crafts Coordinator - NBMA job description.pdf

Contact us

Address: PO Box 653 Shawville, QC J0X 2Y0


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